The a-z of Arcadia

A little more information before you get here...

Arcadia - 5 years ago 3 friends put their heads together, they wanted to create a platform for up & coming local electronic artists in a brand new setting. Read on to get the full picture.

BYO -  There aren't many festivals or events where you can get a full strength drink these days but on the farm you can bring whatever tickles your fancy but please drink responsibly!

campin g.jpg

Camping - is included with the price of your ticket so don't forget to pack your tent! There's plenty of room for you to set up a home base for your crew. RV’s and camper trailers will be restricted to the parking area.

Driving - Car pooling is strongly encouraged through the use of a parking levy tied directly to the amount of spare seats in a car. A parking levy of $30 per car will be off-set by $5 for each occupied seat (two seaters will have a discount of $10 per seat filled). If you bring a full load you will pay only $5 to park. One person to a car? That’s $25. This money goes directly back into Arcadia’s environmental management fund to cover costs of restoring and maintaining the site. If you need to find a ride or some road trip buddies - simply put your details in the Arcadia Car Pool Spreadsheet and then post to the Facebook Event .

Express yourself - There is no dress code except to dress as yourself, the more colourful the better. We have photographers roaming around to snap your fantastic creations. Stay tuned for details on our themed dress up day.

Food - You are welcome to bring your own but there will also be a Food Stall on site dishing out snacks and small meals to keep you fuelled up. The coffee man will be making an appearance in the mornings to help you get your day started right. Make sure you have CASH ;)

Goomburra Valley - is approximately 2 hours South-West of Brisbane, our location is dotted with trees, creeks and rolling hills which provide the perfect backdrop as the sun goes down. We wish to pay respect and acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which Arcadia is held, the Gooneburra People.

Habitat - The event is held on a working farm, we are very lucky to have the support of the owners so please return the favour by staying within fences, and cleaning up after yourselves. We also share our space with native animals and plants so please be mindful that we are guests in their home.

Instagram - We'd love you to share your experiences and snaps with us via Instagram using the tags @arcadia_event and #arcadiaevent

Jobs - We got plenty of them, if you would like to volunteer for the festival you can apply here . In return you'll get free entry to the festival (at a minimum depending on your role) you'll also have the opportunity to work alongside other passionate creatives to put together an awesome project. Similarly if you are interested in artist, vendor, or photography/videography slots let us know.

Kinship - We are immensely proud to have such a great pool of talent to pick from in South-East Queensland. Pick a name on the Line Up and you'll quickly find an event, brand, band or project they've started or played a key role in. This careful curation is reflected by our awesome attendees who come to connect with exciting artists from their local region, party , dance and relax in a beautiful natural location. Leave the agro, the selfie sticks and the bad vibes at home and come join the Arcadia family.

Loos - Yes there are toilet facilities at the camp site and near the event staging so no need for squatting [unless you're into that sort of thing]. We will also have hot showers to keep you so fresh and so clean but please keep shower times to a minimum for the sake of the environment and fellow campers. We request that you make a gold coin donation to use the showers which will be donated to drought relief for the local and wider region.

Making friends - If your planning on flying solo to Arcadia, be sure to post in the event page and introduce yourself, last year we met people who are returning this year and we would love to see our little community grow! 

Noise - The Arcadia team works hard to ensure we can deliver a show worthy of our fantastic artists and fabulous audience while achieving environmental targets for the local area and co-existing peacefully with our neighbors who live here permanently. Please be considerate of your fellow campers and our neighbors by partying in the festival area and chilling and sleeping in the camping area.   

Open air - The main stage sits under a sheltered area but for the most part you'll be partying under the stars! May is traditionally a dry month with only about 3 days of rain. However bring a raincoat just in case!

Phone Reception - is patchy once you get out over the range so prepare to drop out for the weekend and immerse yourself in the experience...also write down those directions

man wrapped in flag.jpg

Quickly - Is how the temperature drops in May once the sun goes down. Remember to bring warm clothes and sleeping bags so you can keep nice and toasty.

Rubbish & Recycling - We would appreciate you tidying up after yourselves as you go and before you leave! Part of the deal is that we leave the site better then we found it each years. Look out for recycling bins in the event and camp site. We will take your recyclables for you, but all refuse needs to be taken with you when you leave the site. Biodegradable trash bags will be provided on arrival.

Set times and site map - Coming soon! Stand by!

Tickets - Details for 2020 coming soon.

Under the stars - Arcadia invites you to look to the stars and to celebrate the celestial brilliance around us. One of the most spectacular aspects of our site is the star gazing available at night.

Visuals - Our design team is stacked with some of the latest and greatest visual artists in South East Queensland and they are at hard work, developing an immersive and stimulating experience. Stay tuned to meet the team soon!

Weekend - Set over the Labour day long weekend, Arcadia is a two day event, two night event.

Xylophone? - Erm... ee don't have one but you're welcome to bring your own :)

Youngsters - are unfortunately not welcome, this event is strictly 18+ and we ID.

Zebras? - No, those are horses and cows, please don't feed them, spook them, tip them over in the middle of the night, or do anything else that would otherwise disturb them.