If you’re driving…


The drive takes approximately 2 hours from Brisbane and is located south-west. There are several routes you can take depending on what side of town you depart from. We encourage carpooling to save on emissions and also nominating the driver home before the weekend begins. This avoids unnecessary risks getting home, please don't risk it if you aren't ok to drive.


If you need to find a ride or some bodies to share yours - simply put your details in the Arcadia Car Pool Spreadsheet and then post to the Facebook Event.


A parking levy of $30 per car will be off-set by $5 for each occupied seat (two seaters will have a discount of $10 per seat filled). If you bring a full load you will pay only $5 to park. One person to a car? That’s $25. This money goes directly back into Arcadia’s environmental management fund to cover costs of restoring and maintaining the site.

A couple more tips:

1. There are no convenience stores or late night bottle shops in the area so come with what you need and plan ahead. There will be ice, food and non-alcoholic beverages to purchase on site.

2. If you want to camp with your vehicle make sure you enter with any friends you wish to camp with so you can be side by side

3. Besides the obvious fact that driving under the influence, endangers you, your passengers and the public, there may be RBTs or roadside drug testing post-event. Please be responsible, plan ahead and don't risk it for any reason.

If you’d prefer not to drive…


If you want to find a lift to and from the event check out our Arcadia Car Pool Spreadsheet and then post to the Facebook Event to see if there are any car seats going. We've seen friendships made on the road trip to Arcadia in previous years that have continued on. Don't be shy!