Waste Not, Want Not: How Arcadia is Increasing its Commitment to Sustainability

This year Arcadia will increase its commitment to caring for their beautiful festival site and the world at large. Arcadia has always had a strong commitment to preserving the habitat they utilise. The event space is donated and that donation alone comes with a certain level of responsibility. But, as organisers the Arcadia team also takes their mandate to protect the environment at large very seriously. This year will see new approaches to reducing waste and the event’s footprint, added to a festival that already takes a pro-active stance to sustainability. New changes predominantly focus around engaging punters to assume the mantle. There is a strong belief that the most drastic changes will be effected when everyone plays a part as opposed to token efforts to reach some requisite level of ‘CSR’.

Contrary to popular opinion, the team behind Arcadia doesn’t believe that sustainability should come at a huge financial cost. Quite the opposite, by taking an approach that seeks to re-imagine, re-use, and re-cycle materials to create their festival, site they keep costs low while adding to the scope of the festival year on year. It’s a core ethos that goes hand in hand with its rural setting. An ethos that reflects a way of life on the farm, repair and repurpose, never just throwout and replace. It is an important idea, often forgotten in an increasingly disposable world. To this core philosophy and their existing waste management practices, Arcadia has added four new initiatives aimed at reducing waste, lowering carbon emissions, and giving back to the local community, a community at the mercy of an increasingly unstable climate.

This year Arcadia will seek to slash the amount of landfill generated over the course of the festival. Materials that are disposable will be completely cut out from the budget leaving space and money for recyclable solutions. The way in which food and beverage is served is another way to greatly minimise how much trash is created. All food and beverage will be served with re-usable tableware and cutlery, eliminating paper and plastic usage.

Leave no trace. Punters will be encouraged to think about how much rubbish they use in a single weekend. Arcadia will take all recyclables from the site, however attendees will be asked to take all non-recyclable trash with them when the go. Biodegradable trash bags will be provided upon arrival.

Car emissions are a large contributor to the carbon foot print of an event like this, but thankfully this impact can be easily and meaningfully lowered. Car pooling or taking the Arcadia bus will be strongly encouraged this year through the use of a parking levy tied directly to the amount of spare seats in a car. A parking levy of $30 per car will be off-set by $5 for each occupied seat (two seaters will have a discount of $10 per seat filled). If you bring a full load you will pay only $5 to park. One person to a car? That’s $25. This money goes directly back into Arcadia’s environmental management fund to cover costs of restoring and maintaining the site. If you need to find a ride or some bodies to share yours - simply put your details in the Arcadia Car Pool Spreadsheet and then post to the Facebook Event .

The environmental policy this year will go beyond looking after the immediate site. With a drought ravaging 60% of Queensland, Arcadia will endeavor to give something back to the local and wider regional area that has been home to the event for four years. Showers will be free to use as always but punters will be strongly urged to consider the cost of water, especially in times like these. A gold coin donation will be requested each time you shower and funds raised will go directly back into drought relief program ‘Buy a Bale’.

Small changes aimed at engaging every single attendee that comes through the gate can have a large impact and ignite a drive in people to continue the fight long after the festival has ended.

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Win a free ticket for a buddy…
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Who would you take?

Only 25 Early Bird tickets remain! Help us sell them all before sales end Thursday and you could win a free ticket for your mate. 

To go in the draw to win a bonus ticket

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Arcadia 2019 Line-up!
Facebook_COVER_EVENT (1).jpg

Arcadia unveils an exciting 2 day & night program for the May Long Weekend

Arcadia will return to the scenic surrounds of Goomburra Valley with an unrivalled line up playing out over the May long weekend from Saturday 4th through Monday 6th June.

Tickets on sale via Eventbrite


Set Mo [DJ Set] + Planéte + Luboku +DVNA + Penelope Two-Five + Daste + MDWS + Dream Coast + Hannah Doody + Chris George + Sevader + Avaxa + Gldnsmk + Xavi Xavi + BTHC DJs + & more to be announced

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Visual Artist Call Out

Arcadia 2019 is on the horizon and we are putting the call out to talented, emerging and professional artists. Help us transform the Arcadia site into an immersive and spectacular visual setting.

This year we have a limited number of spots open for artists to create works during the event or prior to the festival. We are looking for sculptors, painters, filmmakers, light artists or anyone who would like to create something unique for the festival.

Head to the applications page to apply or tell a friend that might interested!

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Keelan Mak is one of Brisbane's most promising up and coming electronic artists and the crazy part is.... He's only 20 yrs old!

Combining the blissful intoxicating songwriting style of James Blake and the epic atmospheric production of Tora, Keelan layers his production with warm soulful vocals that call to you like the haze of a midnight dance floor.

His latest single 'Weigh You Down' which dropped only a few days ago has already garnered support from multiple blogs & of course, JJJ! Check it out below..


Tickets - https://arcadiaevent.oztix.com.au/Default.aspx?Event=83166

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Stargazer Theme Night

To help keep the good vibes rolling on Day Two we invite you to look to the stars and to celebrate the celestial brilliance above us! Sunday May 6ths festivities will be ‘Stargazer’ theme! Dress up in you finest space attire, be it extra terrestrial, your favourite star sign (you gregarious Leo’s), Star men or women (Bowie fans?), your favourite science fiction characters (anyone celebrating May the 4th?), cosmonauts, star face & body paint, or any other costumes that are simply out of this world!

We will be on the hunt for the best costume with the winner scoring a double pass to the next instalment of Arcadia so get creative! On the flip side if costumes aren't your thing, the theme is not compulsory :)

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Jamie Grenenger is one of Brisbane's hardest working DJ's. From playing alongside a host of international acts such as Shlomo, AWB, Yokoo & Trinity AU, to curating events like IWTFA & Soiree, Jamie has done a lot for the local techno scene.

Jamie’s influences stem from his love of progressive house and techno and through these channels, he
organically blends melodic layers heart thumping rolling techno utilising up to 3 CDJs to weave in and out
of tracks to create his own signature sound and style of mixing.

Make sure you catch his epic set at Arcadia 2018!

Music - https://soundcloud.com/jamie1184

Tickets - https://arcadiaevent.oztix.com.au/Default.aspx?Event=83166

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Jim Z (aka James Hilan) is amongst the most exciting DJs to come out of Brisbane in recent years.

A fresh, fun and varied approach to mixing, coupled with his passionate respect for the oldskool are both calling cards. Known for highly energetic sets and a serious vinyl addiction, Mr. G once even compared his style to that of the mighty Ben UFO... he is not likely to receive a bigger compliment than that anytime soon. James runs the event series HIGHER STATE and has played for just about every decent party in town, supporting the likes of Fred P, Route 8, Terry Farley, Marcellus Pittman, Smallpeople, Nthng, Tama Sumo, and Ray Kajioka to name a few.


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This next artist is one of the most accomplished acts we’ve ever had the pleasure of booking. His involvement within the underground scene in Brisbane and overseas has helped solidify him as one of Brisbane's premiere local exports.

Fuzion’s journey into music started when he was just fifteen, crafting his skills over various genres & mediums. From 3-deck vinyl assaults to crafting hours of meditative cross-genre excursions into the early hours of the morning. Aside from consistent touring and bookings from the most respected venues around the world, Fuzion also found time to co-direct another Australian premiere boutique festival in Andromeda.

We look forward to hearing Fuzion’s headline set at Arcadia 2018 as we are sure it will be something very special and not soon forgotten. You can check out his label and previous releases below.


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Our buddies over at BTHC will be taking over the second stage on Sunday night at Arcadia 2018!! We are huge fans of what they're doing around the Brisbane scene and believe they'll be the perfect crew to finish off an epic weekend.

BTHC has been involved in some of our favourite bookings over the past year including Pender Street Steppers & DJ Sports. Joining them this time around will be the homies behind the Local Transmission Beach Party Nathan Sellin & Jaeden Birch.

Check out their eclectic taste of tunes below! 

Tix - https://arcadiaevent.oztix.com.au/Default.aspx?Event=83166

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Tag a friend competition winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered our tag a friend competition over the weekend, it's so great to see so many people keen to join us in Goomburra Valley in a little under 3 weeks time! The lucky winner of a double pass is.....Forreste Lee!

If you entered but weren't selected as the winner please check your PMs for a special message from us ;)

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Why camping festivals are the best!

Big love to Purple Sneakers for this great article on Arcadia 2018. Check it out using the link below and see why boutique camping festivals are all the rage!

Just under three weeks until we all meet in the beautiful Goomburra Valley again and we can't wait to share this experience with you all! Stay tuned for more info


Purple Sneakers Feature: Arcadia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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It’s with great pleasure we announce co-headliner and Melbourne artist London Topaz as this weeks artist spotlight!

London Topaz encapsulates raw emotion and energy in his stripped back approach to dance music. With soft touching tones, London Topaz embraces ethereal warmth to bring you the most honest representation of his artistry. After recently playing a string of successful shows including Beyond The Valley and For The Love, we are expecting a very special and intimate performance from London Topaz out under the stars for Arcadia 2018!

Music - https://open.spotify.com/track/5GLOcNdP1PL3CM74Cf1Rh3…

Tickets - https://arcadiaevent.oztix.com.au/Default.aspx?Event=83166

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Looking for a lift?

Arcadia 2018 encourages car pooling so if you've got a spare seat or 2 or if you are looking for a ride let people know via the event page and the carpool spreadsheet so you can share the ride and the co$t!

If you'd prefer not to drive the Arcadia Express will depart Roma street at 12pm on Saturday May 5, returning to the same location @ 10am on Monday May 7. Tickets cost $70 + bf return or you can bundle up with your event ticket for $135+ bf via oztix.

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