Arcadia in Review: 8 Highlights From Arcadia 2019

It’s already been a month since Arcadia 2019. The dust has finally settled and another Arcadia is firmly in the rear view.

What a year it was. As the gates opened at midday on Saturday, so did the heavens and a twenty minute deluge saturated the festival site and shorted out equipment on the main stage. It was a shaky and nearly disastrous start to the event. Sound checks were delayed and cancelled as the stage team scrambled to get equipment back online. The check-in process all but ceased as gazebos and gear was destroyed in the mini weather event. Opening acts had to be pushed back and the set times re-organised. Finally after a tense few hours the sun peaked through the gloomy clouds, coinciding perfectly with the main-stage coming back online for GOO’s festival opening set. What followed was an absolute spectacle of music, community and arts.

Without further ado, here are eight of our highlights from a weekend full of special moments.

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You Guys!

Everyone who came! The incredible Arcadia family that joins us year on year really is what makes this event so special. And so it was again this year.

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The Music

This was our most ambitious and diverse line-up to date. And, in our opinion, it was a great balance. A balance of genres, of styles, of local heroes and interstate legends, of old favourites, and of brand new sounds. According to your feedback, you felt the same way!


The Art

Some of Queensland’s best visual artists were on hand to turn the already beautiful site into a gorgeous outdoor gallery.


The Extrac


From yoga to kite building to slack-lining, this year there were more activities going on than you could shake your DIY doof stick at. While our first ‘Camp Calliope’ was haphazard at times, it was also a lot of fun and a great addition to the festival. We look forward to re-tooling it over the off season.

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Pan’s Stage

The new location was a revelation and the shows delivered by A.M. Colony and BTHC that brought the new space to life were incredible.


Not the most glamorous part of any festival but one close to our hearts. Preserving the festival site and the environment at large is part of Arcadia’s core ethos. Recycling stations and a pre-event awareness campaign saw us collect and recycle some 4,000 cans :) and glass bottles :/ post event. Our leave no trace policy was less effective with a lot of rubbish left on site, but we look forward to tackling this challenge with you again next year.


Fashion on the Paddock

Sunday was dress up day again and it was a resounding success. The ‘Suit Up’ theme saw an incredibly diverse collections of suits. From classic 90s corporate attire, to a texan oil tycoon and even a blueberry suit. It was great to see everyone put their best loafer forward and really class the joint up. A big congratulations to our ‘Best Dressed Competition’ winners the Risky Business Angels.


The High-lines

What a great addition to Arcadia 2019. It was fantastic to see the team from Brisbane High-lining, endlessly performing stunts and aerobatics high above the festival night and day.

That’s a wrap! Some of our favourite things from our favourite weekend.

What were your favourite moments? Let us know in the comments below.

Checkout more highlights in the wrap up vid below and see the rest of the photos from an incredible weekend here.